Easy Lock Magnetic Dog Harness System

Easy Lock Co., Ltd., an innovative magnetic dog harness manufacturer, has pioneered the Easy Lock magnetic clamping system, holding global patents. Easy Lock produces magnetic dog harness, magnetic dog leash and magnetic dog collar, so that dog owners don’t need to bend down or use two hands to attach or detach the harness and leash.

Is Magnetic Dog Harness Safe to Use?

Proven by countless positive feedback from happy users, the Easy Lock magnetic dog harness and leash are easy and safe to use. It’s not just a magnet; there is a strong stainless buckle inside. Demonstrated by SGS strength test reports, the Large (L) size Easy Lock magnetic buckle clamp system can withstand up to 304kg, enabling dog owners with dogs weighing under 100kg to enjoy the Easy Lock invention – a dog harness with a magnetic buckle.

Why Easy Lock?

Many dog owners find it irritating to bend down and use two hands to connect and disconnect the dog harness and leash when walking or training their dogs, especially those who have multiple dogs and those with hand or body mobility limitations.

Dog owners who prefer their dogs to enjoy nature more and would like to unleash their dogs under safe conditions will encounter the hassle of bending down to find the D-ring and using two hands to connect and disconnect the harness or collar and leash.

For dog owners who walk and train their dogs regularly, including multiple dog owners, service dog owners, and elderly dog owners, the Easy Lock magnetic dog harness system makes it easier for them to attach and detach the dog harness and leash, as well as the dog collar and leash.


Easy Lock magnetic dog harness is not just about the magnetic buckle system, it is also very easy to put in on the dog with POM environment friendly plastic buckle on each side. It is made of high quality fabric and high reflexive line, it is delicately sewed so that it is durable and sturdy.



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