OEM welcome

OEM / Private label welcome

With more 15 years of experience in textile industry, we are professional in making fabric products, metal buckle products est. We have been supplying fabric product such as elastic braid, sporty bags, braided lines to world-known brands — NIKE, KAPPA etc. 

Easy Lock Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing high quality dog wearing gears with magnetic system, such as dog harness, dog leash and dog collar with magnetic buckle system.

Quality is always our priority because we prefer one customer comes back to us a thousand times rather than a thousand customers come to us only one time. 

Thanks to our industry experience, we are able to control the best quality while minimizing the cost. 

Dog wearing products

Beside the performance magnetic dog harness, magnetic dog leash, magnetic dog collar as shown in our homepage, we also offer different kinds of dog wearing gears, such as basic dog harness, Y-shape dog harness, seatbelt leash.

With 5 production lines and more than 6 professional tailors (including our founder), we are confident to help you with your customize products. 


If you would like to have one more reliable long-term supplier, please contact us at:


Depends on your requirement, samples takes around 5-10 working days. 

If you will like to be our distributor, please read about our distributor program.  For distributors, almost all designs can be sent within 3 days. 

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