“Our EASYLOCK sotry started with serval words said by my kid 5 years ago.”



Fabric Career

Managing a well-established fabric factory, I have been working in the fabric industry for more than 15 years. I use sewing machines a lot, always develop different kinds of products and offer high-quality finished products to different famous brands around the world, thanks to which, I have gained rich knowledge in fabric and fabric product processes.

The Beginning of EASYLOCK

In daily life, I am a big pet lover. My whole family loves cats and dogs. Rescue and adoption is a part of our life. Our 7 cats and 3 dogs were all from the street. In order to keep their health, we will walk our 3 dogs every day. However, it is not easy for my kids and elderly parents to help the dogs to wear the harness, and especially difficult for them to buckle up the leash and harness. 

Five years ago, on a cold winter evening, we were preparing to walk our 3 dogs — Odidi, William, and Bear. The cold weather makes the buckle on the leash not just cold but also not smooth. It is not easy for my child to buckle up for one dog, no mention she needed to do it for three. Therefore, she was jokingly complaining: 

Dad, you are always developing something, so can you create something that I can just flip and lock? It will be easier for granny and me to walk our dogs every day.”

One flip to lock. Her words went into my heart, — this is such a great idea and it will help others also. I rushed back to my workshop after the walking, took out the paper and pen, and drew down my first thought about this product — not just one flip to lock, but also one hand to release.  

Countless Tries and Improvements

After 5 months of research and tests, I finally finished the prototype of EASYLOCK! The prototype is as big as half of my hand, yet I was happy and confident enough to “show off the result of my wisdom” to my father, an engineer himself. 

However, the reality is always cruel. My father showed me with his experience and facts that this product is far more difficult than I thought. With his advice and help, we have tested more than 100 types of materials metal and plastic, and finally, now the 5th type of our magnetic EASYLOCK system which is small, light, and can bare the force of 600KG. 

The magnetic EASYLOCK system is not our only focus, wearing methods, materials and functions are all our concerns. Thanks to years of experience in fabric products, and the continuous wearing tests of our and our friends’ dogs, we are finally happy about our EASYLOCK products — magnetic dog harnesses, collars, and leashes that are friendly to dogs and their human companies, and can meet almost all the needs of daily dog walking. 

More than 4 years to develop a single product, which might sound like a long time in this fast-changing society. However, we do believe in delicate works from dedicated efforts. Since our products are launched, we have gained a lot of positive feedback, also some kind and honest advice from our fans, we took every piece of advice seriously and improved step by step. 

We hope to offer more pet lovers access to EASYLOCK which has been proven useful and practical by many dog parents. We also hope to make your daily pet-keeping life easier, especially for children, the elderly, multiple dog owners, and dog lovers with limited mobility and therefore there is EASYLOCK PET STORE. 

Our Beliefs

As I mentioned, rescue and adoption are part of my life, I hope to give back more to society, therefore we are grateful to tell you – our supporters about our “1% fund, 100% love” activity, which means every product you bought here in our EASYLOCKPETSOTRE, we will donate 3% to different rescue organizations or shelters every month. 

We hope to spread our beliefs to more areas and gather more like-minded friends, therefore, we hope to develop distributors in different places to practice our beliefs together. We are also happy to offer EASYLOCK system and OEM services for different brands. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any thoughts about improving pet keepers’ daily life and so to spread the love for our dear pets, the little angels on earth. 


Holding the purpose of making your daily pet-keeping life easier, we would not stop at EASYLOCK magnetic dog harnesses, leashes ,and collars, but will continue to develop more particle pet products.”

-- Jackie Chu


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