Top 10 Imported Dog Food Brands in China

The pet industry in China is booming, marked by a shift in how people view and care for their pets. According to statistics, the number of pet dogs in urban China is approximately 51.2 million in 2022. Pet ownership in China is on the rise due to urbanization, increased income, and changing lifestyles.

China has become a global leader in the pet industry, offering a wide range of products and services for pets, especially dogs. This includes pet food, accessories, grooming services, and veterinary care.

Online platforms like and Alibaba’s Tmall have played a crucial role in shaping the industry. Consumers prefer the convenience of online shopping, and these platforms offer a vast array of choices for pet products. This digital shift has also facilitated the entry of international brands into the Chinese market.

There’s a notable cultural change in China as pets are now seen as cherished companions and family members rather than just working animals. This shift influences consumer behavior, leading to increased demand for high-quality products, including imported pet food brands considered prestigious and superior.

Chinese pet owners are increasingly drawn to international preferences, and imported pet products are highly regarded. This has led to a growing market for top-tier imported dog food brands in China.

Investors, both domestic and international, recognize the potential of the Chinese pet industry. Strategic investments and collaborations between Chinese and foreign companies are contributing to the industry’s growth.

As China solidifies its position in the global pet industry, the market for imported dog food brands is expected to flourish, catering to the preferences of an expanding population of pet owners. is one of the biggest online e-commerce platform in China, known better quality and branded products. According to followers amount, here are the top 12 most popular imported dog food brands in China: 

  1. Royal Canin:  66.4 Million


Royal Canin is known for breed-specific nutrition, tailoring their formulas to meet the unique needs of different dog breeds. They use scientific research to develop precise and balanced diets for dogs of all sizes and life stages.

Breed-specific nutrition, emphasis on scientific research, and a wide range of specialized formulas.

  1. Pedigree: 37.5 Million

United Kingdom

Pedigree is a well-known brand that offers a variety of dog food products. They focus on providing nutrition for all stages of a dog’s life, using ingredients that promote health and vitality.

Affordable, widely available, and offers a range of products for different life stages.

  1. Holis+ic Recipe Solution:  2.56 Million


Hypoallergenic pet food using fresh, hypoallergenic ingredients and high-quality meat proteins. The goal is to prevent pets from experiencing digestive and skin allergies caused by their food. They have a strong supply chain with three main production sites worldwide: United Pet Foods Company in Belgium, Elmlélo Pet Products Limited Company in Canada, and Pet New De Sheng Pet Products Limited Company in New Zealand.

  1. Proplan: 2.12 Million

  United States

Pro Plan is a brand by Purina, emphasizing advanced nutrition for dogs. They offer formulas for various life stages and specific health needs, with a focus on using real meat as the primary ingredient.

Advanced nutrition, real meat as a primary ingredient, and a variety of specialized formulas.

  1. K9natural: 480 Thousands

  New Zealand

K9 Natural is known for its high-quality, natural dog food made with New Zealand-sourced ingredients. They focus on raw and minimally processed diets, avoiding artificial preservatives and fillers.

Natural ingredients, minimally processed, and a commitment to providing a biologically appropriate diet.

  1. Orijen: 170 Thousands


Orijen is renowned for its biologically appropriate and grain-free dog food. They use a variety of fresh, regional ingredients, providing a high protein content and a diverse range of meats.

 Biologically appropriate, high-protein content, and emphasis on fresh, regional ingredients.

  1. Both: 110 Thousands

South Korea

Both is a South Korean brand that focuses on providing nutritionally balanced and high-quality dog food. They offer various formulas for different life stages and sizes.

Nutritionally balanced, quality ingredients, and catering to various life stages.

  1. Nutram Number: 100 Thousands


  Nutram Number offers holistic pet nutrition with an emphasis on natural ingredients. They aim to provide balanced and functional diets to support overall health and well-being.

 Holistic approach, natural ingredients, and functional nutrition.

  1. Ziwi: 100 Thousands

    New Zealand

    Ziwi is known for its air-dried and moist dog food made from high-quality, natural ingredients. They emphasize a “whole prey” approach, incorporating meat, organs, and bones for a balanced diet.

  Air-dried and moist options, whole prey approach, and high-quality ingredients.

  1. Oven-baked Tradition: 80 Thousands


Oven-baked Tradition focuses on slow-baking their dog food to preserve nutritional value. They use quality ingredients and offer a range of recipes to meet different dietary needs.

Slow-baked for nutrition preservation, quality ingredients, and a variety of recipes.

  1. Acana: 60 Thousands


Acana is known for its biologically appropriate and regionally sourced dog food. They emphasize a high meat content, using fresh and locally produced ingredients.

Biologically appropriate, high meat content, and regionally sourced ingredients.

  1. Instinct: 290 Thousands

 United States

 Instinct is a brand by Nature’s Variety, offering raw and grain-free dog food. They focus on providing high protein and nutritionally balanced diets inspired by a dog’s ancestral diet.

Raw and grain-free options, high protein content, and a focus on ancestral diets.


Interestingly to know that 5 out of 12 most popular dog food brands are from Canada, 2 from United States, 2 from New Zealand, and 2 from Europe – one from France and one from United Kingdom.

Want to launch your dog food brand into Chinese market?

Here are some tips:

To launch your dog food brand in China, focus on strategic steps for success:

Partner with major e-commerce platforms like and Alibaba’s Tmall to establish a strong online presence;

Tailor your packaging and marketing to align with Chinese cultural values that treat pets as cherished family members;

Ensure compliance with local regulations for pet products and consider collaborating with reliable local distributors;

Highlight the prestige of an imported brand to appeal to discerning Chinese consumers;

Keep a pulse on evolving market trends, build relationships with local industry stakeholders, and stay proactive to make a mark in the dynamic and promising Chinese pet food market.

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